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Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri Mantra

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CD, 69 minutes

One of three favourite traditional mantric chants, recorded by Swami Kriyananda. For millennia these mantras have echoed down the banks of the holy river Ganges. Chanted in traditional style, these Sanskrit chants have the power to calm and purify the mind. They are accompanied by the sound of 120 tambouras.

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What Others Are Saying

"Ancient, unhurried majesty"

NAPRA Review

"Kriyananda uses his voice like a recurring belltone; direct, pure, steady, and unchanging in tempo. I meditated to this beautiful CD for 21 days, and at the end of my personal experiment, I found that life was falling back in place with work issues, money issues, and just a stronger feeling of who I am."

Anthony Scafide, New Frontier

"Listening to Mantra will be very powerful in changing your energy and consciousness."

Greg Ozimek, PhenomeNEWS

"The ancient sound is captured here to gently lift the listener to a state of pure awareness. These mantras are more than prayers; they are sounds meant to influence and bring forth an inner peace."

Music Design In Review

"Very sincere and enchanting. After a short period of time, I became in touch with my own inner rhythm. Mantra caressed and comforted my soul, leaving me feeling fulfilled and rejuevenated."

Chuck Dilberto, Awareness Magazine