Lessons in Meditation NOW AVAILABLE in KANNADA !!!
Uplifting and inspiring music, both soothing instrumentals (perfect for the workplace) and joyous songs with meaningful lyrics
Paramhansa Yogananda shared revolutionary teachings that touch every aspect of life, including diet, health, family, business, and the arts.
We are dedicated to sharing the books, music, and teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and his close disciple, Swami Kriyananda.
Ananda Yoga Books & Dvds available to helps you work with the subtle energies of the body, leaving you feeling both calmed and rejuvenated

NEW LAUNCH: Lessons in Meditation [Kannada]


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“I Am Spirit”

“I Am Spirit”

By Swami Kriyananda, THE NEW PATH  Yet hard the wise Mahatma is to find, That man who sayeth, “All is Vasudev!”(1) This passage from Sir Edw...


By Paramhansa Yogananda from WHISPERS FROM ETERNITY   Beds of flowers, or vales of tears; Dewdrops on buds of roses—Or miserly people, as dry as d...
Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

The violent storm that had struck off the coast of Donegal, Ireland, in 1748 was threatening to take down Captain John Newton’s ship, the Greyhound...