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When most people come to India in search of saints and sages, they hope to find someone who can touch them on the forehead and give them some miraculous blessing to weed out all problems of life. Alas, saints are not found when one seeks them with this attitude. Even if they encounter these saints, they can't receive what the saint truly has to give. 

When Swami Kriyananda, a highly advanced soul (and indeed, a saint himself), writes about his meeting with saints, one understands what the saints truly have to give. I've read many accounts of people visiting saints but most have been superficial. The spiritual inspiration I received through this book, however, is deep and profound. Just as Anandamayee Ma said to Swami Kriyananda - "Many thousands have come to this body. None have attracted me as you have.None."  This deeply personal pilgrimage of Swamiji gives us an opportunity to go on a pilgrimage ourselves.

Shivendra Nath Misra