Swami Kriyananda: A Life in God

Swami Kriyananda: A Life in God

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“Some people say they don’t know whether God exists or not. Well, I know. I do. I’ve felt his love. I’ve felt it through Swami Kriyananda. I know God exists because of the way Swami loved us.”
—Nayaswami Devi Novak
from Swami Kriyananda’s Memorial Service in Assisi, Italy, April 2013

Swami Kriyananda spent his life sharing the love and teachings of his guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, bringing a new ray of spirituality to thousands of spiritual seekers across America, Europe, and Asia. Placing Yogananda’s message at the center of a great wheel, Swami Kriyananda branched our spokes in all subjects: leadership, marriage, education, the arts, communities, modern philosophy, the teachings of the great world religions—and so much more—as ca be seen in this loving tribute to the wisdom, genius, and joy that Kriyananda brought to each of us, and to the entire world.

Swami Kriyananda: A Life in God draws on Swami Kriyananda’s complete written and recorded works to highlight major themes in his teachings. Every word in the main text of the book is his.

This commemorative work of the life and service of Swami Kriyananda is available only on Ananda Publications Website & in All Ananda Sangha Centers in India