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Aum - Mantra of Eternity

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CD, 71 minutes

Mantra of Eternity features continuous vocal chanting of "Aum," set to tamboura accompaniment.

Aum (pronounced OM) is the sound that emanates from the heart of creation, bringing consciousness into outer manifestation, maintaining it, and dissolving it back again, finally, into Infinite Spirit. This sound is the "Word" of the New Testament. It is the "Amen" of the Book of Revelation. In India, this cosmic sound was given the name AUM.

By attuning one's consciousness to this sound, one enters the stream of vibration that proceeded out of Spirit, and that emerges back into the Spirit at creation's end and at the end of the individual soul's cycle of outward wandering. By merging in AUM, liberation is attained.

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What Others Are Saying

"If you've attempted meditation in the past to no avail, then this is the perfect CD to get you started. It lifts you into a world of bliss and peace, a place where meditation comes easy. It will also assist the more experienced meditators, enabling them to reach a deeper state of meditation."

MRA Entertainment

"This is Hindu chanting at its most basic. Kriyananda resonates the cosmic sound for 71 minutes non-stop in front of a single tamboura. If your goal is to avoid all distractions and tune into the primal vibration of the cosmos, this CD should get you there."

NAPRA Review

"For meditation, yoga practice, or work with sound healing therapy, I highly recommend Mantra of Eternity."

Lee Starkey, East West Magazine